Credit Healer Professional Edition

Credit Healer Professional Edition

credit repair software | repair bad credit
Credit Healer Professional Edition is a Credit Repair Software that empowers professionals with tools and techniques to repair their client's credit. This Professional version of the broadly acclaimed Credit Healer Software, delivers a simple yet practical methodology to succeed in the world of the credit repair business. You will see the results by deploying our top-notch set of tools, automating most dayly tasks  and tracking the progress from start to finish of every credit repair process. You will get professional customized contracts, total client's data administration, a powerful letter generator, case follow-up notification system among many other outstanding features.

Why Credit Healer™ ?

The answer is so simple. Wouldn't you like to have a powerful system that makes all the "hard work" for you? Credit repair is NOT an easy task but you may make it a very easy one with our Credit Repair Software's help. And the best of all!! Credit Healer™ is really a COST-EFFECTIVE tool with virtually a mostly unseen Flat Learning Curve. That's why it has become the preferred application of Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Credit Repair Professionals, and of coarse, Home Business Opportunity Seekers looking for a full time sorce of income.

Credit Healer Home Edition

Credit Healer Home Edition

credit repair software | repair bad credit
Credit Healer™ Home Edition is a "light" version of the nationwide renowned and acclaimed Credit Healer™ Professional Edition. It has been designed for homeowners, homebuyers and regular people with Less-Than-Perfect credit. Credit Healer™ Home Edition has become most awarded tool for those who are not interested in the business side of credit repair, but still need to repair their credit report and raise their FICO™ score. A single installation provides full credit repair capabilities for up-to-five (5) users, not only once or twice but for a LIFETIME!!!
  • Easy-to-install Software
  • Up to Five (5) Users
  • Complete & Detailed Video Tutorials (English-Spanish)
  • Friendly Interface
  • Online Technical Support
  • Free Upgrades
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Say NO to Bad Credit. This Credit Repair Software allows you to be your own Credit Repair Company.

Are you a Broker, Lender, Realtor or Credit Consultant???Credit Repair Software | Credit Healer

Bad Credit is epidemic nowdays. Credit Healer Professional Edition is a credit repair software developed with the highest quality standards for those who are related to the credit business such as Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Processors, Credit Counselors, etc.
Credit Healer Professional Edition allows you to process unlimited bad credit repair profiles and achieve a higher number of loan closings; acquiring profit margins never seen before, while guaranteeing absolute satisfaction to your clients.

Credit Healer Professional Edition is the only credit repair software that brings you all the effective and never-revealed-before secrets of the credit repair process, in a box. It gives you all the tools needed to get rid of bad credit whether you are a real estate professional, a mortgage broker, a credit consultant or an individual in necessity of raising your FICO Score.
Start improving credit scores at your own pace and get the best deals and interest rates in NO TIME FLAT. Is not an unknown fact that with a credit score of 700+, you and your clients can be approved for the Credit Cards, Home Loans, Cars Loans and Business Loans you deserve – in just a few minutes!

Get Credit Healer Professional Edition RIGHT NOW and Start Qualifying More Prospects than Ever!

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Credit Facts for Consumers.

What Everyone Should Know About Credit Repair

in order to succeed in your efforts of fixing your bad credit, you must learn about your rights as per all federal regulations. This information will allow you to understand how a credit repair process must be followed. You will also unsderstand why it is important to have an "ally" like Credit Healer Software during the credit repair process.

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See the REAL RESULTS Below Provided by Actual Credit Healer™ Users.

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Equifax Credit Report Results After Using Credit Healer Experian Credit Report Results After Using Credit Healer Transunion Credit Report Results After Using Credit Healer


Credit Healer Online

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Credit Repair | Is it Really Possible?

Damaged credit has a lot of people down these days. But it doesn't have to be that way. With help from Credit Healer Software for Credit Repair you can get your credit back on track.

Having a good credit rating is one of the most important building blocks to financial independence. But the most interfering factor to achieve the expected success is commonly the lack of knowledge associated to the credit laws. Credit Healer Software makes your personal or professional credit repair experience possible regardless your degree of knowledge about laws and verbiage used. It simply will guide you in an easy, intuitive and interactive way to get your credit repair goals step-by-step, without wasting your time and money with the "traditional useless credit repair books, courses and letters". By using Credit Healer Software you have really chosen to have a professional help to restore your credit rating,without the hassles and high risks involved with third parties or bogus companies. This low cost software program is the best money you will ever spend to improve your financial situation, guaranteed!

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Is Credit Repair Legal?

You must undestand that repairing your credit, regardless the reasons why it is damaged is 100% legal. In fact, the law is on your side. There are several federal laws that protect you from the big bad credit bureaus - the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, Truth in Lending Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other applicable federal statutes and state laws. These are the laws that apply to credit reporting and debt collection. You have specific rights regarding both. Understanding your rights is basic to moving forward. Read and re-read until you are familiar with these laws. You have the right to dispute any information contained on your credit report. This is done by writing the CRA. The CRA then is required to verify that information with the furnisher. They have 30 days by law to do so. If such information cannot be verified, it must be deleted.

All in One Package

Credit Healer Software BriefcaseAll of the amazing tools and functions are at your fingertips in the ultimate credit repair software that gives you everything you need.
Easy, Powerful, Professional.

Redesigned Interface

Credit Healer Overview WindowA new workspace featuring new icons ann an interface design eliminating clutter and allowing you to focus on your credit repair process using all of your favorite tools and functions.

Trouble-Free Installation

imageNew design that maximizes compatibility. Users may install it virtually on any plattform. Windows XP / Vista compatible. Mac users may install it through Parallels Desktop on Intel Macs

Increase Your Income

imageGet the most of your work as Realtor or Mortgage Broker or by qualifying more clients than ever.
Deploy the best tools ever created to delete negative information from credit reports. No more outsorcing.
Credit Repair Software

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