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Credit Healer Affiliate Program

Dear Entrepreneur,

Credit Healer Software is the most accredited tool for credit repair ever made. Our scope covers practically every possible scenario for individual and commercial credit repair, positioning our products as the preferred tools for credit restoration in the United Estates.

We are offering you the opportunity to become our affiliate and help us to grow while making hundreds of dollars in commissions with virtually no effort whatsoever. YES! making money while you sleep!.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

First, you must sign-up with us. This means that you must open a free account that will officially entitle you to access our affiliate program as a member, thus giving you access to all the available promoting tools and features.
Then you will be able to access to the promoting materials such as banners and text ads that you will place on your website(s) regardless its kind or nature. If any of your visitors click on our banners that were placed in your website, they will be directed to our site. They may get interested in knowing more and eventually purchasing any of our products, and any sales made from here on will generate commissions for you.

How is This Possible?

It is very simple though. When you sign-up, all promoting materials will have a special code that identifies you as the sales originator. This code is embedded in the banner or text ad's underneath programming and will make possible to link that sale to you as the originator. This way you will be credited your commission per sale.

Will this System Work if my Referrals Purchase in a Different Time?

Our system is indeed very strong. If a costumer gets to our site by the banner or text ad placed in your site(s) they may not purchase immediately. Maybe he or she will consider purchasing in the future. If this costumer gets back to us in a different time or day and make a purchase of any our products, you still will be credited your commissions regardless.

When and How May I Withdraw my Commissions?

You will receive your commissions every thirty (30) days as long as you have at least $100.00 earn. This is a quite easy quote to achieve since our percentages offered to you start in 15% of the product market value and you will get bonuses and increase of percentage as you start selling.

Do I Have to Actually Purchase Any Product of yours in Advance?

Absolutely no. You don’t have to invest a penny to become an affiliate with Credit Healer Software. There is nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

Do I have to Be a Computer Wise to Place your Ads in My Site?

Not at all. Placing our ads in your site doesn’t require more than copying and pasting a given code at any visible place of your site by using the HTML editor you’re accustomed to

Will I Receive a Check for My Commissions?

At the moment, we are using PayPal as our commission’s payment system. It is easy and totally free. You will be paid through your PayPal account and you will be able to withdraw your funds for free to the bank account of your preference.If you still don’t have a PayPal account, you may get one for free by clicking here.


Is This my Only Option of Associating With Credit Healer™ Software?

Not really. Online affiliation is only ONE OF THE DIFFERENT WAYS to becoming partners with Credit Healer™ Software. In the past and present many people who were only "users" at the beginning, found in distributing Credit Healer™ Software locally a great way to multiply their investment...and they are still doing so!..with profits up-to 300%. We have many different models of distribution with the right of local exclusivity if it applies. Whether your interested in any distribution figure or have any idea that will set you and our company in a win-win business model, we'd love to hear it!. Just e-mail us through and we will contact you right away

OK, I Want to Become a Credit Healer Affiliate…What Should I Do?

Just sign-up with us and you’re ready to go! Remember...It is TOTALLY FREE...


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Enroll our Affiliate Program Today!. Credit Healer Software wishes to share the incredible success with you. Commissions starting at 25% over web prices. It's free and easy to put together.

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Demo Information

NOTE: Users may download any version of Credit Healer Software and install it in demo mode. Please notice that while in demo mode, most functional features and copyrighted material will be disabled.  Demo content is purely for demonstration purposes only. It is intended to show off Credit Healer Software so that you can see a representative example of its interface. This demo restrictions will be disabled when the user gets his/hers un-locking code.