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tutorial_icon7.png Here you may watch the tutorials about all versions of Credit Healer Software. These tutorials have been designed, written and screenplayed so you can start using the software with ease. We strongly advice you, the end user to take a look at the tutorial that corresponds to the version acquired before starting to use any version of our line of credit repair software. Professionals, mortgage brokers, realtors, credit conultants may want to see Credit Healer Professional Edition Tutorial. Individuals willing to increase their credit scores may want to see how easy is to achieve an impressive FICO score by watching Credit Healer Home Edition Video Tutorial.

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Demo Information

NOTE: Users may download any version of Credit Healer Software and install it in demo mode. Please notice that while in demo mode, most functional features and copyrighted material will be disabled.  Demo content is purely for demonstration purposes only. It is intended to show off Credit Healer Software so that you can see a representative example of its interface. This demo restrictions will be disabled when the user gets his/hers un-locking code.