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Credit cards can lead you to have bad credit

How to use credit cards responsibly


Having a credit card gives the consumer the authorization to purchase goods and services up to a predetermined amount or credit limit. Depending on each individual’s credit history, costumers may seek a secure or unsecured credit card (visit www.creditcards.com) to find the right one for you). Usually an unsecure credit card is issued only to people with good credit history while people with bad credit or no history at all may have to start building it with a secured credit card. The main benefit of any credit card is being able to have access to more cash than they may have on hand.
But using credit cards often becomes problematic when the credit card holder mount up more debt than a regular monthly payment can cover. The issuing bank might allow the credit card user to carry over balances every month but those balances might be increased with significant interest rates, which might occur as well if the consumer misses a scheduled payment.
However, interest rates are not the main issue here. Generating bad credit by missing a payment or overspending with you credit card is. When you apply for a loan and the lenders, banks, or credit card companies track your information on record and find out that you have a bad credit history they may simply refuse you credit.
A credit card is not a requirement for successful living but it surely is very convenient that gives the holder immediate credibility for services such as airline ticket reservations, car rentals, hotel discounts, among many others and comes very in handy when having to pay for goods and any other kind of service.
Here are some tips you need to now in order to avoid generating bad credit by not using credit cards responsibly:

  • 1.    Remember that all your purchases add up. Owing more than you can to repay can damage your credit rating.

  • 2.    Keep good records. Make copies and printouts of transactions made by telephone or online. If you ever notice a problem don’t hesitate to report it to the company that issued the part.

  • 3.    Make your payments by the date; late and missed payments lower your credit score.

  • 4.    Limit the number of cards you have. Narrow it down to 1 – 6 cards. Applying for lots of cards can also hurt your credit score.

  • 5.    Don’t exceed the 50% of your credit limit on each card. Credit Bureaus are interested in how much of your available credit you use. If it’s excessive. Your credit score will also drop.

  • 6.    Read the fine print. Know the interest rate you will be charge and don’t wait until it is too late.

Follow these tips in order to avoid excessive card debt and learn to decide if the goods or services you are purchasing are worth the added expenses. Be responsible and avoid by all means having bad credit. If you already have bad credit, it is not the end of the world. There are already tools that can help you get back on track and you can even do it yourself. Use our powerful Credit Repair Software to fix bad credit.


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Is Bad Credit Risking the Chances for Mortgage Brokers?


What are the options for a Mortgage Broker in today’s economy?

Having Bad credit affects in a lot of ways every individual that has it. But if you have bad credit it also affects the people who work directly or indirectly in the credit business. For instance, the job of a mortgage broker is to serve as a connector between a borrower and the lender. He or she doesn’t loan the money, instead, he or she works with borrowers assisting them in finding the appropriate mortgage loan.  Brokers generally work with several lenders so they can have different options in the matching process. With the more lenders they work with, the more possibilities of finding the perfect deal for their clients. They have to gather all the necessary information of the client such as credit reports, employment verification, property appraisals, asset disclosure, among others and then submit all this documents to the appropriate lender.  Once the borrower has obtained the mortgage, the broker is out of the loop.

This job might seem easy and lucrative because the commissions are really good and Brokers really have all the knowledge and the contacts to make all this possible. But the problem comes when their clients have bad credit because it might be very difficult to try and qualify them to get a loan…so they might have to let that client go. They can advice them on how to repair their credit or even send them to a credit repair company but nothing guarantees that the client will come back to them.
In spite of what some “experts” on the field say, America is knee-deep in a recession and we can feel it every day with the high costs of everything, the lack of substantial jobs, and so on. So it is a fact: people are getting bad credit as the days go by. Does this mean that the job of a Mortgage Broker tends to disappear if the economy still takes too long to recover? Probably it won’t disappear but is not as lucrative as it used to be.
This is why many brokers are starting to get other kinds of part time jobs, or even closing their offices and businesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many Mortgage brokers are starting to realize that in order to stay in business and keep doing what they love to do, there is one way to do it and it might represent a very important extra income. Repair bad Credit is the answer. With all the fantastic tools that the market offers, there is no need to be a guru on credit laws to be able to repair bad credit. Over the Internet you can find some options of new automated applications, like for instance Credit Healer Software, a professional credit repair software, that can help a broker to start repairing their client’s bad credit and finally close the deal with the lenders.
So, even if the times are tough, there is no need for a broker to get out of business when they can help their clients by repairing their bad credit in a very easy, fast and professional way and closing the loans for them. Repair bad Credit can really help a Mortgage broker or any other professional in the credit related business to keep their jobs and help other people.

If you want to know more about this automated application, don’t hesitate to visit the main page for the
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Bad Credit as a results of Identity theft.

What are the banks doing to guard you from identity theft and therefore having bad credit?

Several banks today, especially with the ongoing online banking, are using what they call multifactor authentication. This is an online security provision that includes different forms of verification before granting access to secure information such as your statements in a bank account. Single factor authentication involves entering a valid User ID and a password, which has proven to be not enough in order to guarantee someone’s identity security. The increasing sophistication of hackers has shown that everyday more and more people are victims of identity theft and so, are living disastrous consequences such as loosing all their money, having bad credit, even being arrested, or having to spend lots of money trying to repair their bad credit, for something that, on the first place, was not their fault.

That’s why, to ensure adequate security which safeguards vital costumer information, financial institutions and banks are deploying two factor or multifactor authentication solutions. With the two-factor authentication application the costumer may be prompted to enter his or her user Id and his password. But, instead of having immediate access to the application, he might have enter some other type of data or confirm a previously selected passmark or sitekey. The Multifactor authentication process will increase the number of security questions or requests for data entries to be able to access your information.

Some people might find these processes a little annoying but in fact, they are very effective. Imagine yourself calling your bank and trying to get very important information about your deposits and all your balance; and the operator of the bank just asks your name and begins telling you all the information you need before proving hat you are indeed who you say you are. There are lots of things that an identity thief can do with that vital information. People who have access to your money might simply take it away from you, which might affect you today, but it also might destroy your credit history by generating bad credit, and that might be a problem that will stay for a while longer if you don’t take actions immediately.

Crime rates of identity theft have made multifactor authentication necessary, as more people prefer to make transactions online. It also has made it prudent to even secure financial institution buildings where only authorized personnel may enter.

So feel safer when you find this kind of identification process, have a little patience because is better to wait a little bit than having to go through  repair bad credit or loosing all your money, and even worse, being arrested for something you didn’t do.

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