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Say NO to Bad Credit. This Credit Repair Software allows you to be your own Credit Repair Company.

Are you a Broker, Lender, Realtor or Credit Consultant???Credit Repair Software | Credit Healer

Bad Credit is epidemic nowdays. Credit Healer Professional Edition is a credit repair software developed with the highest quality standards for those who are related to the credit business such as Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Processors, Credit Counselors, etc.
Credit Healer Professional Edition allows you to process unlimited bad credit repair profiles and achieve a higher number of loan closings; acquiring profit margins never seen before, while guaranteeing absolute satisfaction to your clients.

Credit Healer Professional Edition is the only credit repair software that brings you all the effective and never-revealed-before secrets of the credit repair process, in a box. It gives you all the tools needed to get rid of bad credit whether you are a real estate professional, a mortgage broker, a credit consultant or an individual in necessity of raising your FICO Score.
Start improving credit scores at your own pace and get the best deals and interest rates in NO TIME FLAT. Is not an unknown fact that with a credit score of 700+, you and your clients can be approved for the Credit Cards, Home Loans, Cars Loans and Business Loans you deserve – in just a few minutes!

Get Credit Healer Professional Edition RIGHT NOW and Start Qualifying More Prospects than Ever!

Credit Healer™ Professional Edition is the only credit repair software that allows you to run a credit repair business without leaving your house or office...no more outsourcing and no more waiting for results. Bad credit can be history with this powerful tool.

Everybody knows that when times get tough, it is advisable to cut out the expenses and keep the business "in-doors". Outsourcing external credit repair companies may become demoralizing, annoying, distressing and you will be treated as just another customer. You need to get results... and the faster, the better. Credit Healer Professional Edition has been designed to accomplish all the tasks associated to the credit repair process, improving your client’s score to the maximum, while you make money.

Credit Repair SoftwareThis credit repair software has been also developed for all those who wish to have an extra income and make money in their spare time.

Credit Healer™ Professional Edition is easy to install and is user friendly. You don’t have to be a computer geek at all. You will get impressed to see how easy is to repair bad credit with the legal tools provided with this elegant, powerful and easy application

This wonderful credit repair software, BEST SELLER in the EE.UU and only offered through this website, automates all the tasks that any credit repair company will do in weeks, even months. In only few minutes you will be using the most complete and professional tool to permanently remove any negative item reported in your or your client’s credit history.

No matter how bad it is!

As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all erroneous, obsolete and unverifiable information must be deleted from a consumer's credit report in 30 days. Every single piece of information counts and every negative item will increase Credit Reporting Agencies MUST investigate these negative information and provide the consumer with a valid results in the given time.

With CREDIT HEALER Professional Edition You May Remove:

credit repair software | Credit Healer Professional

  • Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Offs
  • Mortgage Late Payments
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inquiries
  • Misspelled Names
  • Old Addresses
  • All Obsolete Information







Credit Healer Professional Edition is Such a Powerful Tool that is used by Accredited Professional Credit Repair Firms.

Run a credit repair business without leaving your house or office...no more outsourcing and no more waiting for results.

Download the Free Trial Version of Credit Healer Professional Edition now!