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Credit Healer Helps Us Qualify More Clients Even In These "Tough Times"...

"...We are definitely bringing up our client's credit scores. Recesion is just a state of the mind. People will always be in need for a place to live and we will do whatever it takes to make them get a loan with decent terms...there's where we Credit Healer Software enters the picture....We are determined not to loose clients, and we'll make sure they get what they want...All mortgage brokers should try it. In this business either we diversify or we die...With Credit Healer Professional Edition, all our client administrative management related to their credit repair process is just a wink!...

Steve Pineda | Mortgage Broker
US Capital Team | Vicepresident

The Ideal Tool...

"...I have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and make use of my time and effort at my own discretion. Credit Healer became the ideal tool to make this dream come true. There is no better feeling than helping people to make their dreams come true so expediently and efficiently. They will call you again and again!! Credit Healer thought me all the aspects  related to the credit repair process. It has given me an immediate window of opportunity that I never thought I could have.
Thanks Credit Healer..."

Ana Maria Gomez | Personal Credit Consultant
A Plus Solutions Group Inc.
Miami, Florida

It's a Powerful Tool...I Raised My Score 165 Points in Less than 90 Days!

SPANISH TESTIMONIAL "...I was surfing the internet trying to get information about credit repair companies, and read a lot about the credit repair scam and how people is being ripped off in a dayly basis by those fake credit repair gurus...Then I found Credit Healer Software  and came to my attention that this application would allow me to do it myself. By that time, I was overwhelmed by all those collectors  which were making my life infinitely miserable and said to myself that I was worth it givi it a try...All I can say is that the mistake is in NOT doing it. I got rid of a total of 14 negative accounts from all 3 credit reports and achieved a total  of 165 points increased in my FICO Score.
All Thumbs Up Credit Healer...!"

Eric Gonzalez
College Student
Los Angeles, CA

Very User Friendly...

"Hi!..My name is Sarah Cabrera and I recommend Credit Healer to anyone who aim to a successful carreer as a mortgage broker, because is a very user friendly software and it also gives you all the tools you need to work in the credit repair industry getting the most of your work as a broker... 
Try it and you will fall in love with it!!!"

Sarah Cabrera
Mortgage Broker
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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Demo Information

NOTE: Users may download any version of Credit Healer Software and install it in demo mode. Please notice that while in demo mode, most functional features and copyrighted material will be disabled.  Demo content is purely for demonstration purposes only. It is intended to show off Credit Healer Software so that you can see a representative example of its interface. This demo restrictions will be disabled when the user gets his/hers un-locking code.